Light Tackle Fishing in the Florida Keys

With cold fronts making there way to south Florida in mid November our water temperatures depart from the summer highs and the fishing really turns on. The entire food chain (Under water) becomes more active with live bait plentiful for Sailfish | Offshore Snapper | Grouper | King Mackerel on the Reef. Offshore Gulf | Inshore Florida Bay / Backcountry Fishing for Snapper | Grouper | Shark | Spanish Mackerel and Cobia becomes very active with water temps returning to the mid 70 degree range. In this tropical area we have very distanced seasons of migratory species, a few degrees water temp can make a large difference in what we target and how we plan a fishing trip.

The Marathon Duck Key area offers great light tackle action with Backcountry , Everglades National Park , Florida Bay and Offshore Gulf Wrecks. Catch and release Shark and Goliath Grouper are the largest of the fish we catch in the Florida Keys. Snapper, Grouper, all types of Jacks, Sharks and Goliath Grouper can be found all year long. Many species are seasonal, Tarpon, Permit, Mackerel and Cobia migrate through the area at their specific time of the year. The shallow waters of the Inshore Florida Bay / Gulf of Mexico offer a protected fishery area where we can plan an exciting fishing trip for all age groups in almost all weather conditions.


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Phone: 305-481-0372
Duck Key Marina 
1149 Greenbriar Rd
Duck Key, Marathon, Florida

Fishing Rates

Prices are for up to 2 anglers.
Additional $55 each for 3rd and 4th angler.

1/2 Day: $550
3/4 Day: $650
Full Day: $750

Up to 6 With Children
Discounts for Single Angler

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